LookInTheAttic & Company Named In Top 10 Business Moves of 2006

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- December 29, 2006 The Ann Arbor News Announced their picks for the Top 10 Business Moves of 2006 and LookInTheAttic & Company was among them.

The Top 10 were named in no particular order. Among the Top 10 were LookInTheAttic & Company, IKEA, Chelsea Teddy Bear, Buschs, Improv Inferno, Vinology, Ehnis & Sons, Corner Brewery, Cherry Blossom and Stone Mountain. "We are all very honored and excited to be on the list. We are named along side some very large businesses and it is nice to see that our smaller company can compete" said Dr. John Coleman, President of LookInTheAttic & Company, "such recognition is very rewarding and puts a smile on everyone at LookInTheAttic. We are now setting our sights on The Michigan 50 and the Top 500 Internet Retailer lists. We hope our company will grace those lists someday soon, too."