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      Mail Slots for Exterior Doors

      Perhaps you think of mail slots as simply a utilitarian fixture for your door. It does not have to be that way. Door mail slots can help add to the overall decor of your door. Several different kinds of slots and chutes in a variety of styles, from modern to antique, are available to be installed on your door. Each one is hand crafted with great attention paid to detail.

      What sort of designs are available? For an elegant look, there are Victorian mail slots with brushed nickel finish or polished chrome finish. Other door mail slots and chutes come in simple styles, yet are no less eye-catching. There are Craftsman style mail slots in a variety of finishes like antique brass, oil rubbed bronze and polished brass. The long brass slots come in finishes such as chrome, antique nickel, satin nickel, flat black and paint black. The sizes of these slots and chutes vary from nine inches to thirteen inches. Best of all, these door mail slots are very easy to install on your door.