Archived Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - OCTOBER 2006 -- lookintheattic & company, inc., a worldwide purveyor and importer of vintage style home furnishings, announces the Grand Opening of the newest e-commerce site, Rights to this new website were acquired by lookintheattic & company in the fourth quarter of 2005 from an offshore holding company.

After nearly 9 months of preparation and site development, the new e-showroom will showcase many of the various sterling silver products sold by lookintheattic & company. “This e-showroom will be a welcome addition to our company.” said Irwan Salim, Director of Marketing at lookintheattic & company, inc. "A site name such as Silver And Gold has nearly unlimited potential. We hope to integrate this site into the major search engines quickly."

lookintheattic & company, inc. is a netrepreneurial enterprise (,, and markets various products under the trademarks of lookintheattic™, lookinthecellar™, lookinthecloset™, saltsellers™ and 925guys™ using six different website domain names. Whether you seek fine & collectable glassware, decorative hardware or fine jewelry, we assure the highest quality products at competitive prices.