FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (November 2005): lookintheattic & company, inc., a worldwide purveyor and importer of fine & collectable glassware, has acquired the rights to the site

The acquisition of this site from a Cayman Island based company will allow to target the jewelry and gemstone marketplace. The new website is currently being run under the name (pronounced 9 to 5 guys). lookintheattic & company plans to make the change to in the third quarter of 2006.

“This strategic acquisition is the result of months of planning and negotiating. We are hoping to catapult our jewelry and gemstone collections into the mainstream market by third quarter of 2006.” said Dr. John W. Coleman, President of lookintheattic & company, inc.

lookintheattic & company, inc. is a netrepreneurial enterprise and markets various products under the trademarks of lookintheattic™, lookinthecellar™, lookinthecloset™, saltsellers™ and 925guys™. Whether you seek fine, collectable glassware or fine jewelry, we assure the highest quality products at competitive prices.