About Antique Style Light Bulbs: 

      Carbon-filament light bulbs made their debut around 1890 and found their way into households up until around 1912, when they were replaced by the tungsten filament light bulb.

      Thomas Edison ran the first current to a new commercially viable light bulb on October 17, 1879. While Mr. Edison did not invent the electric light bulb, he significantly re-engineered it to be both commercially viable and safer than existing arc lights or open flames. 

      After 1912, Brighter and more illuminating Tungsten-filament light bulbs spurred a wave of new styles of fixtures and also paved the way for painted light bulbs, introduced in the 1920s. 

      Tip: It is true that Antique Style Carbon-filament bulbs offer the unique combination of 1/3 the light at premium price of standard bulbs, but they do make any light fixture, old or new, a fixture with ethereal beauty and refinement.