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      Entryway Door Kick Plates

      How Important are Kick Plates?

      Kickplates rescue expensive doors and walls in residences and offices from scuffs, scratches and other unsightly marks. Today's door kick plates are designed to add an attractive feature and be relatively maintenance free. The most important feature of door kick plates is their durability. Wherever there is high traffic, the proper door kick provides maximum protection.

      High Style Door Kick Plates

      The door kick has the same important use as a door knob. These door kicks can be found in a variety of designs. These door kick plates are available in bronze, aluminum, brass, polished brass, antique nickel and brass, as well as weathered black. With such a broad selection from which to choose, the only difficulty is selecting one from the many offered. The subtle beauty that these kick plates add belies their excellent functionality. Choose a door kick that contrasts or coordinates with the design of the door. These should be purchased whenever a new door is installed or replaced.

      Shop for a Kick Plate

      It's advisable to shop for the perfect kick plate before scratches and scuff marks appear on doors. Shopping for a kick plate at is simple, easy and convenient. Simply select the kick plate of choice and order. You can use our handy guide below to help you choose the perfect kick plate.

      LookInTheAttic's Quick Guide to Kick Plates