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      Push Plates, Door Pulls, Push Bars & More

      Push plates are essential accessories for any swing door or commercial style door. Push plates offer a decorative element as well as they protect the wood from scuffs and wear over time. LookInTheAttic offers you a collection of vintage and antique push plates that not only protect your doors, but also add style to your  period style home.

      LookInTheAttic offers vintage push plates includes pieces created by reknown manufacturers like Russwin, Corbin, Limoges, Yale & Towne, Sargent, Reading, Benton, and Russell & Erwin. Our curated collection includes designs for Art Deco, Victorian, Modern, Classic, Eastlake, Romanesque and French push plates.

      Pull Bars

      All of our special designs, including our pull bars, are hand crafted to ensure complete faithfulness to the designs upon which they are patterned. In fact, we actually "reverse engineer" all of our products from genuine classic models in order to create the molds we use.


      When it comes to manufacturing door handles that look and feel like genuine antique artifacts from the past, we simply have no competition. Our products are extremely easy to install in your home with a minimum of effort. Each one of our products is backed with a full warranty and guarantee of quality. When only the best will do, LookInTheAttic is at your service.