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      Spare Door Knob Sets in Glass, Crystal, Porcelain and Brass

      One of the hardest working and most important items in any house is the humble door knob. Over the years, door knobs are grabbed, pushed, pulled, and turned. This is why we think it is a good idea to keep spare door knobs on hand, whether spare crystal knobs or glass door knobs. When the time comes to purchase replacement doorknobs, look no further than LookInTheAttic & Company.

      We feature a large selection of spare door knobs, manufactured to our usual exacting standards: glass door knobs, nickel, chrome, brass and porcelain knobs as well as levers, all in a wide range of styles, shapes and finishes to fit every door and every decor. Spare crystal knobs, purchased beforehand, mean a damaged knob can be replaced instantly; no need to wait for shipping and delivery of replacement doorknobs. And of course all hardware is included.

      You will find whatever you are looking for in our selection of not-so-humble doorknobs.