Strategic Partners Overseas Allow New Ventures to Flourish

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (May 2004): lookintheattic & company, inc., a worldwide purveyor and importer of fine & collectable glassware, has developed a strategic partnership with an overseas source to develop the glass hardware market in the USA.

This strategic partnership has resulted in a new 100% web-based business methodology that allows for higher margins while achieving competitive price targets. These products were introduced in the first quarter of 2004 and the results have exceeded expectations. “We are developing business techniques and strategies that meet and exceed the expectations of tomorrow. Based upon the principles of lean, mass customization and kanban, these web-based business models allow exceed our goals while maintaining processes that function faster and more reliably than ever before” said Dr. John W. Coleman, President of lookintheattic & company, inc. 

lookintheattic & company, inc. is a netrepreneurial enterprise and markets various products under the trademarks of lookintheattic™, lookinthecellar™, lookinthecloset™, saltsellers™ and 925guys™. Whether you seek fine, collectable glassware or fine jewelry, we assure the highest quality products at competitive prices.