LookInTheAttic & Company Acquires 110 West Michigan in Historical District

JANUARY 2006 -- lookintheattic & company, inc., a worldwide purveyor and importer of vintage style home furnishings, announces the acquisition of the property known as 110 West Michigan in the Historical District of Ypsilanti, Michigan. This new acquisition provides nearly 4000 square feet of combined warehouse, office and retail space. “This is a welcome addition to our existing offices and warehouse space in Belleville and Saline, Michigan. This new property will also provide our company a showroom for our retail and wholesale customers.” said Dr. John W. Coleman, President of lookintheattic & company, inc. “The building requires some renovation and updating. Construction started last quarter and we expect the project to be finished in the first quarter of 2006. This new facility will provide much needed warehouse and office space and we are all excited about the acquisition.”

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