Heavy Duty Steel Cut Nails

      Our antique and vintage steel cut nails come in a variation of different styles. Some of our cut nails come in black oxide and have the option for either a standard or galvanized finish providing you with a wide selection of aesthetic options.

      We have nails and spikes that can be used for a variety of vintage and antique restoration and construction projects or simply for decoration. The quality of steel our nails are created from is guaranteed to complete your projects with both style and durability. We have cut nails perfect for shingling, flooring and other home repairs. The smaller nails are perfect for antique and vintage furniture repair and small scale construction projects. Some of our nails can even be used for boat construction and repair. The assortment of nail head shapes and finishes assure that your project looks precisely the way you want it to while the quality of each nail ensures that any construction or repairs will stand the test of time.

      The decorative finishes on our products make each project, no matter how small or large, a work of art.